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Prometheus Adams meets the Internet
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Date:2009-11-11 07:59
Subject:Two Years

Feels so much shorter, and so much longer.

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Date:2008-11-11 15:22

One year.

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Date:2008-10-30 14:57
Subject:Do It

Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.

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Date:2008-10-15 19:37
Subject:I Wish...

Obama had called McKain out on that propaganist "pro-abortion" label.

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Date:2008-10-07 19:37
Subject:McKain Looks Old

Call me shallow, but amid all the words spewed during the debate, my strongest impression was that McKain, tottering about with stiff motions, looks old. My guess is that "old" doesn't play well with John Q. Public, but who really knows?

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Date:2008-01-11 10:23
Subject:2 Months

Sunday, 9 weeks.

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Date:2007-12-12 10:19

Four weeks Sunday. One month yesterday.

Miss you, shorty.

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Date:2007-08-14 16:55

I got the job. I am ecstatic.

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Date:2007-02-23 11:57

Time moves more slowly when you wish you were asleep.

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Date:2006-10-28 14:08
Subject:I Got Words

This is my day of rest. Over the last week, I wrote 28,500 words for a White Wolf project. I turned it in on deadline yesterday. I am very done. Time for rest.

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Date:2006-07-30 01:30
Subject:[Expletive deleted]

I never post on this thing, but I thought I'd make a broadcast to the few who read this.

My older sister just got married to her fiance. Actually, I should say: I just found out that my sister got married to her fiance in April. I am not estranged from my sister (make that was not - she's certainly estranging me now).

She has been consistently lying to her family about her relationship with this person, let us call him Fuck. (This is to demonstrate my state of mind, not denigrate his character; he may be a fine person for all I know. My sister seems to think so.) Here is my sister's timeline of Fuck:

July: met him

Oct 8: began dating

Nov: became engaged

late Nov: came to Thanksgiving with extended family, brought Fuck, did not mention engaggement

Dec: press-released engagement just before Christmas to which Fuck was coming. We had a crappy holiday season as everyone struggled to get to know the impending member of the family; sister unfairly felt unfairly judged. During this period, sister promised father to wait a year before marriage and to have a pre-nuptial agreement.

April 8: marriage

June 17-18: my wedding (yeah, didn't announce that either. sue me). Sister and Fuck attended, did not tell anyone about their marriage earlier in the year.

July 26: sister told mother

Thus ends the timeline of Fuck.

I had a long talk with her today in which I told her many of the reasons why I was angry (all I could think of, anyway) and explained why all her horrible depression and upsetness and awful emotional position was completely her fault. It is, you know. We are not a terrible family that never thinks she does anything right. We're a loving and supportive (too supportive, maybe) family that has accepted a dozen boyfriends since college and just wanted her to slow down.

It doesn't help that they married because they were living together, which they were doing because they had sex, which was all necessary because of his religious beliefs and comfort level. There were other fucking options that they willfully ignored.

I need more words, because the ones I own are (a) not vituperative enough and (b) all used up.

Good night.

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Date:2006-04-29 22:23

...yet I still can't rent cars for less-than-exorbitant prices.

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Date:2005-04-18 13:28
Subject:Peter Needs Books

I have a birthday coming up. My parents request a list of potential gifts. So, I ask of you: Give me books. Tell me what you have read recently that you liked. Tell me of books you found profound. Tell me what inspired you and what made you cry. I need books.

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Date:2005-04-14 00:51
Subject:Hat is Dead?

I learned today, from a friend long unheard, that Hat is dead. Beyond that, rumors cavort. This large-bearded, hat-wearing man with whom I played brief roleplaying games and chatted about all manner of things in college is no longer here. I can only imagine how Adolf must feel right now.

My last memory of a death close to me was my grandmother, and I was too young to be much affected. The last death that hurt me was a dog named Pippin. I'm somewhat new to this.

I feel odd.

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Date:2005-03-30 22:11
Subject:Because more people should see it:


This thing's pretty neat.

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Date:2005-03-15 18:51
Subject:My Name is Peter Schaefer

Schaefer. Not Shaefer, Schaeffer, or, god forbid, Shaffer. Schaefer. They spelled it right HERE, why couldn't they spell it right in the gorram book?


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Date:2005-03-12 00:36
Subject:Journal Live/Dead Duality

It's an odd something to possess this LiveJournal space. Now that I'm actually beginning to pay it some attention, I feel as though I should write here. This is, of course, what I am doing, but that isn't the point. I don't need a place to scribble my thoughts. I've kept a personal journal since before I was 18. Jesus. That actually sounds like a decent length of time at this point. Asimov kept one from his 18th birthday on, and that later became part of his autobiographies. That was what got me started on the idea, but why do I still do it?

I've always liked having an artificial memory. Mine's less than perfect, so it can help to have something for me to look back. And I now have more than a thousand entries to read and more than 300 pages in MS Word, times new roman 10-point font. 250,000 words. I don't really expect to stop, either.


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Date:2003-12-28 18:38
Subject:No toes like good toes

Christmas is come and gone and all I can think about is my books. I visit home for the first time in a year and as soon as I've gotten visiting my friends out of my system what am I stuck on? Gordon Korman's old books from the eighties. And seventies, probably. The Bruno & Boots books, now being reprinted under the Macdonald Hall title, The Twinkie Squad, Losing Joe's Place, No Coins Please, and a number of other books that I simply adore. You know he wrote his first book in seventh grade? Asimov was first published in a magazine at age 19! I'm running quite far behind, getting 8000 words in a WW book at age 21. I'll obviously never be able to make it as a writer.

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Date:2003-12-09 17:32

Tring to test this out. Why do I not see the first one updated on the page? Tell me now!

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Date:2003-12-09 17:10
Subject:Here we go...
Mood: bored

Convinced by Neph to login to (log into? loginto?) this thing and give it a shot. So, a shot I give it.

That thing down there says I can use HTML.

Does that mean I can use js?

The test.

Or how about absolute positioning?

This is my test. This is my test. This is my test. This is my test. This is my test. This is my test.

Let's see.

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